We understand your requirements and so at Awoof Cars we bring to you some easy and flexible finance options for your purchase. Getting your best car couldn’t have been easier than this. Once you have a car booked through us we take care of everything to get your car to Nigeria. For further payments we also have 3 easy options to help you with your purchase.

  • Ideally it takes 6 weeks to get your Car in Nigeria. Once your car is in Nigeria you could make a payment of the balance 50% of the due amount and get your car. However, in the event of failing to do so you would be charged a penalty fee of 10% and the remaining balance shall be duly returned back to you. Even if you have an unforeseen situation or you just change your mind, you are charged a 10% fee and the remaining amount gets transferred back to you.
  • Moreover if you’re having a cash crunch we could help you get your Car by only making a payment of 30%. Once you make a payment of 30% we put in the rest 70% and finance you to get your car in Nigeria. However, once we deliver you the car in 6 weeks, we expect you to make the payment of the remaining 70% balance. Failing to do so would result in forfeiture of the 30% deposit. This option gives you the flexibility of making minimum upfront payment and paying the majority 70% only when you have your car with you.
  • We understand that now every time and everybody has the full amount to spend it in one go. Well that’s not a problem as we at Awoof Cars provide you with an easy finance option wherein you pay according to your suitability. You could get your car by making a down-payment of only 50%. That’s right. Once you make a downpayment of 50% according to your suitability you give us post-dated cheques as collaterals for the further payment. Then you could make the further payments accordingly. This option not only enables you to get your car by making a minimum upfront payment but also helps to make payments according to financial situation.