How To Buy

You have 3 days to pay for the car, if we do not receive the payment from you on the 3d day after the purchase, we will charge you $50 or 0.124% per day as a late fee and you will be asked to send a copy of confirmation of your payment along with the contact information of a sending bank. If we do not receive a payment or a copy of confirmation from you in 5 days, we will relist or relieve the vehicle and you will be charged minimum of $400 or 10% from the price of the car as a relist fee
You have 2 days to pay for the purchased car. To avoid any kind of late fees and penalties you have to send your money the same day you made a successful purchase.
Our inventory comes from major Salvage and Clean Car Auctions, Insurance Companies, Banks and Auto dealers in United State.
Clean title car is the car that was not involved in any major accidents and has a clean title history. Most of those cars is advisable as they are more or else a new car but insurance company recovered from the client that failed to pay for his/her mortgaged and the insurance company will go and auction them as not to totally lost.
Yes, you can pay in Nigeria Currency or US Dollars.
Can I get more information and pictures of a certain vehicle? Please contact us. We will do our best to try and provide you with three pictures and additional information, Then you will choose what you like most.
Please contact us. We will do our best to try and provide you with three pictures and additional information, Then you will choose what you like most.
Salvage vehicle is the vehicle with previous damage that was previously involved in collision or accident flood and water damage, theft, vandalism, fire, natural disaster etc. Ownership type is: Salvage Title, Salvage Certificate, Certificate of Destruction etc
Yes. We can offer you a variety of new cars as well as factory orders. Please contact us for more information. Our Chairman and directors have a Visa to USA and they have trusted contact over there to close the deal for you.
Probably your email went to spam, please try to resend your email, or simply contact our customer service department, and somebody will be happy to assist you.
35B Abisogun Leigh,Ogba Ikeja, Lagos.
Transit time is 45 days from time of purchase. But please note delays could occur due to weather conditions, slow traffic, snow bird season, among other situations that could cause delay. But we will guaranty you and work on your behalf to make delivery faster.
Consolidation is when you have one car to ship but you do not want to pay for the whole 40 feet container. Our shipping company will consolidate your car to several of popular destinations. For example, if your car is consolidated with 2 other cars in a 40 feet container, you are ending up paying only 1/3 from the price of 40 feet container. If there is no consolidation to your port, we can ship a car in 20” dedicated container.
Usually 40 feet container fits 3 mid size cars or SUVs, or 4 small cars, such as Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.
“Container” shipping is the most popular way to ship a car. Basically, your car will be loaded inside 20 feet or 40 feet container, and the container will be sealed
“RORO” means that your car will be driven inside the ship. This method of shipment is available to various destinations and does not involve consolidation. We will recommend Grimardli for all your RORO desired, It safer and easy to clear.
We will be notifying you on your status through emails. You can also track it when we send you the bill of ladin.
If you liked the car that was offered to you, you simply contact us and confirm that you are interested in buying this vehicle. We will require a $400 deposit in order to reserve this vehicle for you. Please note that if you do not have required amount on your account, you can quickly transfer the money to our company account. We will reserve the car for you.
If you are buying a vehicle and you’re worried about its condition, you can order an Independent Vehicle Inspection through Awoof car auction‬. Once your request has been approved by our Sales department, we will arrange an independent physical examination by a licensed inspector for the car you are considering to buy. After it is done, you will be given a full-size condition report complemented with interior and exterior pictures. Please note, you must have a deposit on your account in order to use this service. To learn more details, please contact our inof@awoofcarsauction.com
No. If you don’t win the car, deposit will stay on your account and you can use it for your next purchases. it safe and can be called for refund anytime.
Please note that you can NOT cancel your bid once it was received, however in some cases if you submit your bid and auction does not start yet, you can still call our customer department and see if you can cancel the bid, if auction does not start yet, then your bid will be canceled. You cannot cancel your “Buy Now” in any case.
Yes. You would have to pay the auction fee for the “Buy Now” vehicle; however those fees tend to be much lower than for the live sale vehicles.
The “Buy Now” price is typically non-negotiable. However, sometimes you can get a 4% – 6% decrease in the price. Please contact us in regards to this and our team of experts will do everything possible to negotiate the best price for you.
“Buy Now” cars are offered for sale with a fixed price and can be purchased right away.
No, this means that you are the highest bidder on our website, and we will submit your bid. If the car is for sale by the auction, we will place your bid on this particular auction; however, there can be floor bidders and USA dealers that will bid on the same vehicle, and if any of them will put a higher bid than yours you will not win the car. However due to the expensive repair services in USA and Canada, foreign buyers tend to put higher bids than domestic USA / Canada car dealers. If the car is for sale by the Insurance Company, Bank, Salvage yard or a car dealer, we will submit your highest bid to the seller, and only if the seller approves your bid, you will win the car. This is why we advise you to place reasonable bids, not to waste time.
After you submit your bid / offer through the website, we will submit your bid on the auction, or we will submit your offer to the selling Insurance Company, Bank or selling dealer.
We require the full payment before delivery because we need to buy the car for the client from the seller and we need to pay for transportation services as well. That is why transportation of the vehicle will be possible once the full payment is done. (But we can offer financing option to some destination .depending and term and condition will apply)
$200 fee is the only fee our company charges for brokering your purchase. Our service includes: purchasing a vehicle for you, shipping assistance to the port in your country (shipping charges apply), and handling all documentation involved in exporting process from USA and $70 documentation fee is charged for the postage service. All original ownership and shipping documents will be mailed to you by courier express post. (FedEx, DHL,)
Deposit of 10% from the purchase price is required. For example if you wish to place a bid or submit A “Buy Now” offer for $10,000 you will need to have $1000 deposit on your account
Minimum deposit is $400.
Deposit helps us determine if your intentions to purchase a vehicle are honest.
Registration is free for a limited time only.
Whether you are an individual buyer or a dealer, you can purchase a car through Awoof cars auction. If you live overseas and would like to purchase a car through Awoof cars auction no dealer license is required. All purchased vehicles must be exported outside of USA ..