Terms & Condition


By contracting with ACSSI you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions contained there in.
If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, it implies that your transaction is unilaterally discontinued by you but if you agree to the terms and conditions, it shows that the T&C is well understood without ambiguity.


Awoof car sales services are online automotive listing and auction site that brings together automobile dealers, exports and shippers along with automotive industry professionals. All vehicles purchased through our website are imported from USA and other notable countries. As a registered car sales and Auctions company, we can assist you with.

A.  Procuring all types of automobile from dealers and auctions in both new and used vehicles such as salvaged and reposed
B.  Arranging safe transportation of your vehicle
C.  Handle all necessary documentation pertaining to your vehicle purchase
D.  Securing all titles to your purchased vehicles
E.  Preparing all port documentations, clearance, procedures including freight forwarding and customs clearance
F.  Facilitating additional optional shipping insurance to be fully paid by the buyer. Note that ACSSIL does not control the price for any additional insurance as the amount is only determined by the insurance company.


In order to have full access to our services, you are to register with ACSS and in consideration for using our services, you agree to.

A. Provide true and complete information about yourself as required for full transaction
B. Provide authentication and valid means of identification (International passport /Driver’s license etc). Only registered members can have access to relevant information available and scheduled auctions including the right to participate in our online bidding
C. Existing members cannot change their information once it has been imputed on our registration web; this is to protect the member (s) from any form of access. However, if it becomes so expedient to change details, the member must notify via Email
D. Membership is only open to both Natural persons above the age of 18 years and artificial persons dully registered with relevant laws of the country
E. The customer is advice to immediately inform us of any unauthorized users of your account or any other breach in security via Email
F. ACSSIL will not be liable for any loss or damages arising from a failure to comply with the terms & conditions herein described


As a buyer and customer, you agree to pay all auction fees and charges for services in connection with your options of transaction; this include but not limited to Buyers fee, sales fee, and other customary fees and charges. Buyers are advised to verify and understand all fees charged by ACSSIL in advance.

Note that all charges and fees are subject to change without notice:

(i) Customers interested in our vehicles, are expected to deposit a minimum sum of N200,000(Refundable fees which is also known as commitment fees or 10% of the total sum of budgeted vehicle for purchase on the assumption that the said Is greater than 10%
(ii) Once the bid has been successfully won, the buyer is expected to pay for buying,trucking, service charge of N100,000(One Hundred Thousand Naira Only)flat and shipping withing 12 hours of the winning bid, Failure to meet the deadline results The buyer forfeiting the N200,000(Two Hundred Thousand Naira Only) or 10% deposit earlier paid on the vehicle
(iii) In the event of an unsuccessful bidding, ACSSIL will further assist customer to bid for other Vehicles accordingly
(iv)Our company will be responsible for the clearing of the vehicle(s)for the customer upon agreement between the company and the customer for the clearing fee depending on the model and specification of the vehicle.


A customer is entitled to their deposit when ACSSIL is inform on the intent to cancel bidding on your behalf by five (5) hours before the allowed bidding time. It should be first by phone call backed with a confirmed Email request. ACSSIL reserves the rights to apply 2% administrative charges of the total deposit paid by the customer.


Buyer (s) acknowledges and agrees with all responsibilities for all vehicles (s) purchased through auction/ACSSIL and that once BID/BUY is selected and imputed by the buyer, transactions is said to have commenced.

(i) ACSSIL will not be liable/responsible for loss of buyer registration information as a result of customer’s negligence
NOTE:It is important to note that once the vehicle have been purchased by the company from the country of purchase and the buyer(s)has the information of the transaction,the buyers(s)cannot turn back to ask for a refund for a vehicle that has already purchase by the company.
(ii) ACSSIL reserves all rights to reject or void bids for any reason in its absolute discretion.
(iii) Should any dispute arise between ACSSIL and the customer/buyer (s) regarding a bid or sales, the dispute shall be amicably resolved in the interest of both parties without recourse to litigation, except where settlement fails.
(iv) Buyer (s) agrees to indemnify, defend and hold ACSSIL harmless from any and all liabilities arising out of the decision (s) made in resolving disputes.
(v) ACSSIL may in its discretion, with or without notice postpone day of deliveries of goods in the interest of the buyer
(vi) ACSSIL may record live telephone bidding to verify and authenticate bids
(vii) ACSSIL will not be responsible for damages, defects that are brought to the attention of the buyer in the course of the transactions. The buyer would have been deemed to accept delivery/deliveries of the vehicle (s) in its present condition once the auction is completed and the vehicle is available for pick up by the buyer as BUY AS IT IS.


The buyer is responsible for all international ocean transportation; ACSSIL will not be responsible for any damages in the course of shipping or delay of shipment. The buyer also has the option to purchase marine insurance which of course attract additional fee.

Accepting the terms and conditions means that the customer is legally bound by the T&C herein.